Here’s how to save over £200 on a bank holiday trip to the seaside this weekend

With the August bank holiday fast approaching and widespread travel restrictions deterring us from travelling abroad, many will be heading to the UK coastline for a weekend of relaxation.

For most, this will mean heading south in search of better weather but research by hotel booking platform, hoo, has revealed just how much you can save by opting for an alternative seaside destination, especially when the Bank Holiday forecast is looking dodgy.

hoo analysed the average hotel room rate for two people during the August bank holiday (three nights) across 14 of the UK’s largest seaside towns.

The research shows that opting for a southern seaside resort will see you pay an average of £134 per night.

However, opting to head north instead could save you as much as 25% with the average hotel in northern seaside locations charging just £101 per night. That’s a saving of almost £100 over the course of three nights.

Opting for the middle ground (literally) would also see you secure a decent saving, with seaside hotels in the Midlands charging marginally more at £103 per night.

When it comes to the most expensive destination, Newquay ranks top with hotel room rates averaging £158 per night this bank holiday weekend.

Southend (£143), Margate (£137), Weymouth (£136) and Hastings (£124) also rank amongst the most expensive.

Cleethorpes in Yorkshire and the Humber is the most affordable bank holiday beach destination. At just £87 per night, it comes in 45% more affordable than Newquay saving a total of £212 over the course of the bank holiday weekend.

hoo Co-founder, Adrian Murdock, commented: “Making the most of the bank holiday weekend inevitably means forking out more money than we may have done for the same activity or experience on any other weekend of the year.

For a good number of us, this means paying more for accommodation when heading to the coast for a long weekend. But if money is tight you don’t necessarily have to forsake your time by the coast and opting for a less conventional seaside destination could save you a good sum of money.

The difference between Newquay and Cleethorpes is more than £200 over the course of a weekend and let’s face it, wherever you go the sunshine is likely to be intermittent and it’s the memories made that will stick with you.”,51012879.html

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