New Artificial Intelligence System Enables Machines That See the World More Like Humans Do

A new “common-sense” approach to computer vision enables artificial intelligence that interprets scenes more accurately than other systems do. Computer vision systems sometimes make inferences about a scene that fly in the face of common sense. For example, if a robot were processing a scene of a dinner table, it might completely ignore a bowl […]


Artificial Intelligence Can Generate Plausible, Entertaining, and Scientifically Interesting Titles for Research Articles

AI generated titles were as attractive and entertaining to readers as real titles, but performance was enhanced by human intervention; AI could have a role in generating hypotheses or directions for future research. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology can generate plausible, entertaining, and scientifically interesting titles for potential research articles, finds a study in the Christmas issue […]


MIT Quantum COVID Sensor May Offer Faster, Cheaper, and More Accurate Detection of SARS-CoV-2

A novel approach to testing for the presence of the virus that causes Covid-19 may lead to tests that are faster, less expensive, and potentially less prone to erroneous results than existing detection methods. Though the work, based on quantum effects, is still theoretical, these detectors could potentially be adapted to detect virtually any virus, […]


AI Used To Predict Synthesis of Complex Novel Materials – “Materials No Chemist Could Predict”

AI machine learning presents a roadmap to define new materials for any need, with implications in green energy and waste reduction. Scientists and institutions dedicate more resources each year to the discovery of novel materials to fuel the world. As natural resources diminish and the demand for higher value and advanced performance products grows, researchers […]


Graphene Nanoribbon Breakthrough Could Lead to High-Speed, Low-Power Nanoscale Data Storage

Technique Tunes Into Graphene Nanoribbons’ Electronic Potential Ever since graphene – a thin carbon sheet just one-atom thick – was discovered more than 15 years ago, the wonder material became a workhorse in materials science research. From this body of work, other researchers learned that slicing graphene along the edge of its honeycomb lattice creates one-dimensional zigzag graphene […]


Next-Generation Planet Hunting Mission Gets Green Light for Development

Plato, ESA’s next-generation planet-hunting mission, has been given the green light to continue with its development after the critical milestone review concluded successfully on January 11, 2022. The review verified the maturity of the complete space segment (spacecraft platform and payload module), confirming the solidity of the spacecraft-to-payload interfaces, the payload schedule with particular focus […]


Unprecedented Number of Globular Clusters Discovered in Nearby Galaxy

Using observations of the nearby elliptical galaxy Centaurus A, a team of astronomers led by the University of Arizona found an unprecedented number of possible globular clusters – old, dense groups of thousands of stars that all formed at the same time. A survey completed using a combination of ground and space-based telescopes yielded a treasure […]


Clean Room As Classroom: MIT’s Hands-On Introduction to Nanotechnology

Undergraduate classes provide hands-on introduction to nanotechnology and nanoengineering at MIT.nano. MIT undergraduates are using labs at MIT.nano to tinker at the nanoscale, exploring spectrometry, nanomaterial synthesis, photovoltaics, sensor fabrication, and other topics. They’re also getting an experience not common at the undergraduate level — gowning up in a bunny suit and performing hands-on research inside […]